Friday, February 27, 2009

Streamo and Prickernelious coming soon!

In the last posting I mentioned that a few of my older comic projects will be showing up in the 25footclown galaxy. The first two will be streamo and Prickernelious.
Streamo is an ongoing project featuring hastily drawn nonsensical comic strips. The idea is that each one is drawn in less than two minutes, and that I have no idea in mind before I start. The results are usually ridiculous. Over 300 are produced at this point and they will be collected into a book pretty soon.
Prickernelious is a story about a small rural town (population: 6) and their encounter with a ruthless villain. The first book, Villainy Abound, collects the complete first story arc.
Keep an eye out for both of these books coming soon. I'll let you know when the official dates are set. Take it easy.

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