Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maiden Voyage! (part 2)

The title of this blog could also read "Oh yeah... I have a blog, don't I." I was surprised to visit my blog and see that my lone post was from over a year ago, so I intend to remedy this now. I also don't feel so bad, because I didn't actually tell anyone about this blog yet, so no one has been waiting for a post. But this too I shall remedy.
So, to business. 25footclown is chugging along alright. I'm still making buttons and all that, but lately I've shifted the focus of the company more to comics (of both the print and web variety). Some of my older projects that used to fall under the mantle of 100 Free Wigs Productions, now will be absorbed into 25footclown. Briefly, 100 Free Wigs is a little production company that my friend Dan Wilday and I started in high school in 1996. Since then I have slapped that name on many of my projects, even though they had nothing to do with Dan. I want to reserve the 100 Free Wigs name for projects that Dan and I work on together, and have 25footclown as the figurehead for my solo ventures. More later about the specific comic titles.
As for events, there are a couple coming up rather soon. First is the La Leona Arts Open House on March 7, 2009. It will be held at 11 Broadway, #24 in Kingston NY from 5-9pm. It will be a fun evening featuring art by Sadee Brathwaite and myself, as well as good food, good music, all that stuff. Stop by if you're in the area. It's a part of Kingston's First Saturday so there will be lots of other art-related things to behold as well. At the end of March on the 28th will be The Showcase. It will be at The Bunker (15 Gage St, Kingston NY) from 6-9. Come see a few artists showing there work and selling their wares, along with more food and more music. Should be a fun time at a good venue. I will remind you again before the events with some sexy flyers. Until then I will leave you with some URLs to peruse.

25footclown.com - The future hub of all things 25footclown.
comicspace.com/twenty5footclown - Where much of my comic stuff can be seen.
25footclown.etsy.com - Where you can buy some 25footclown swag.

Thanks for reading, see you in Feb 2010! (I hope I'm kidding).
Your pal,

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